The HiQ Market and Business Opportunities.

You can be part of a market worth over £10bn, with £1.3bn spent on tyres alone. And as part of a trusted national brand, you could be enjoying a nice slice of this market. You'll be offering the whole kit and caboodle to your customers, from tyres, exhausts and batteries to brakes, MOT and servicing. So there will be lots of opportunities to grow your business as the complete, trusted fast fit outfit.

With Block Exemption laws that came into force in 2002, the business potential in the servicing and repair market has grown. And with more competition leading to greater choice for consumers, being part of a national brand that stands out has never been more valuable.

A change to the rules in the Aftersales market, linking new car sales and servicing has also opened up more opportunities for us.

We're always looking for new and profitable ways to help our business grow and prosper. You could be part of it.

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