HiQ Franchisee Programme

We're very open and honest as a business. So it seems only natural that we present ourselves to our customers in the same way. When you're aiming to be 'Fast fit you can trust' a HiQ centre needs to be welcoming, modern and friendly – something that doesn't exactly fit with our industry's reputation.

We're trying to change the way people think about fast fit. And it's getting results. Franchises that completely rebranded into a new look HiQ Centre are reporting growth of between 15% and 40%. Now that's worth taking note of. It proves that the strength of our award winning HiQ corporate identity, combined with our unique positioning is something that can really pay you dividends.

And we're here to help you set the standard. Our Regional Franchise Mangers will help you achieve the inviting HiQ look that we've built our reputation on. But our support extends further than glossy signs and a fancy paint job. Your Regional Franchise Manager will be there to advise you on everything from territory analysis and marketing plans to budgeting and organising the development of the centre – with HiQ it's a true partnership.

Custom fit, effortlessly arranged and ready to go. Your sparkling new HiQ Centre will create a clean, professional and welcoming place for your customers to enjoy. As well as a great place to work.

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