HiQ'S Commitment to Customer Service

Customer surveys

We like to know what our customers are thinking, so we ask them to give us feedback. Some people would say this opens us up for criticism, but we see it as a good thing. If we know there’s a problem, we can address it and continually improve our service to you.

Mystery shopper programmes

We regularly complete mystery shops at our centres to identify where we need additional training and to spot any gaps in our customer service. Most of the time it’s very positive, but sometimes we find areas where we can be even better. It’s all part of our mission to change the face of fast fit.

Great customer service

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. It’s all about making you feel welcome, cared for, relaxed and happy. We’ve got no time for jargon, instead we want to provide a straightforward fast fit experience. Because we believe that’s the best way to keep you coming back time and again.

Our HiQ Academy and ATA Programme

It’s how we ensure HiQ staff remain at the top of their game. At the Academy they study customer service, take technical courses and even learn about the latest tyre legislation. We do this so you get the best trained technicians. With independent assessment and industry leading accreditation from the ATA, it’s all part of giving you the service you deserve.

HiQ facelifts

First impressions count. That’s why we’re working flat out to help our network give their centres a facelift. It’s all about providing a more welcoming, friendly environment that you can feel comfortable in. Not what you’d expect from fast fit.

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