HiQ Brand Story

We're aiming high. We want to radically change the perception of fast fit, both within the industry and the market.

To some, the general perception of our industry is quite negative with people believing that garages never keep their promises, do more work than is necessary… the list goes on. This has created a deep-seated mistrust putting customers on edge when their car needs some work – it's time for a change.

With our HiQ promises, we aim to provide a service that takes the uncertainty out of fast fit. One that provides a welcoming environment and an expert team that local people can count on time after time. A team that will only ever carry out work that needs doing. And at a price that's not only competitive, it's completely transparent. With HiQ, there is no such thing as a hidden charge. Ever.

Thanks to a commitment to our brand values, year on year the HiQ network is claiming an increasingly large slice of this substantial market.

Our aim is to be a truly national car care network servicing retail, online and fleet customers alike. Through constant innovation and the sheer drive and determination of our network, this vision comes closer to fruition every year.

Any fast fit can change a tyre. We're changing fast fit.

Our franchise programme is, and will remain an extremely exciting business proposition to businessmen and women across the UK.

Craig Sprigmore, HiQ Retail Director

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