HiQ Brand Promises

Keeping our promises. At HiQ it's what we do best.

We're all about honesty, integrity, certainty and reassurance. We pride ourselves on open and honest pricing combined with excellent service and great choice. These are our brand promises and what we've built our reputation on. They define HiQ and the service our centres provide to their customers.

And because our network consistently keeps its promises, our customers use us time and time again.

  • When we say it'll be ready at 5pm tomorrow, it's because it will be ready at 5pm tomorrow.
  • No hidden charges ever. Not even really small ones.
  • We won't carry out any unnecessary work… ever.
  • All our technicians go to the HiQ Academy. So they're not just fitting fast, they're fitting right.
  • We're happy to answer any questions – big ones, small ones, even silly ones.

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